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  • Baje/ Bhaja Caves
  • Baje/ Bhaja Caves

Baje/ Bhaja Caves

Bhaja is one to the important Buddhist centres of Hinayana faith in Maharashtra. The group consists of 22 excavations and located on a hill near Bhaja village, Maval Taluka in district Pune. They are estimated to have been created approximately 2,200 years ago, sometimes around 200 BC. One of their significant features of the caves are the stupas. The stupas have been carved very elaborately and two of them have a relic box on their upper side. Bhaja Caves are famed due to their ornate facades. Sculptures in Bhaja have elaborate headdress, garlands, jewellery . The most prominent excavation of Bhaja caves is its chaityagrha (Cave XII) which demonstrates prototypes of wooden architecture and a vaulted horseshoe ceiling. Demonstration of wooden architecture is the notable feature of these caves.  In one of the carvings a woman is shown playing tabla and another woman, performing dance

The most impressive monument of the caves is the large shrine known as chaityagriha having an open, horseshoe-arched entrance. There is a waterfall nest to the last cave, water from which during monsoon season falls into a small pool at the bottom.. Bhaja caves are a peek into the architectural expertise of Indian culture even 2200 years ago.

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