• Gopnath beach, Bhavnagar
  • Gopnath beach, Bhavnagar
  • Gopnath beach, Bhavnagar

Gopnath beach, Bhavnagar

From 1942 to the accession of the princely states in 1948, Maharaja Krishnakumar Sinh Gohil of Bhavnagar would spend the summer months from April to September at the Gopnath Bungalow, his country estate by the sea. Set on an elevation, the Gopnath Bungalow has a scenic location flanked by rocks with a lighthouse on one side and an unending view of the sea from the grounds. A short distance from the bungalow, the medieval Gopnath temple looks out to the sea. It is believed that Gopnath was the place where Lord Shiva appeared before Narsinh Mehta.

Contact Person

Khyati Nayak
Head Film Facilitation Cell
Phone Number: 079-23977200




Nearest Airport - Bhavnagar Airport  (74 Km away)
Nearest Railway Station - Bhavnagar Railway Station (75.6 Km away)


Min. +21° celsius
Max. +31° celsius


Several Star and Budget hotels are available.

Medical Services

General Medical Facilities (Chemist, Doctors, Ambulance) are available.

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