An Overview

Co-creation of content and collaboration between talent.

A co-production is a joint venture between two or more different production companies for the purpose of producing a feature film, television/web show or series and so on. In the case of an international co-production, production companies from different countries (typically two to three) work together for producing content across different media platforms.


Collaborate with acclaimed Indian filmmakers and gain wider market accessibility.

Co-productions are an increasingly attractive option for many producers. There are many potential benefits of official co-productions, including the sharing of creative and technical resources.

  • Ability to pool financial resources and share the associated financial risk
  • Access to the partner government’s incentives and subsidies
  • Access to the partner’s market and hence newer audiences and an opportunity to build a footprint for national cinema
  • Access to a particular project initiated by the partner
  • Access to a desired location; or to cheaper inputs
  • Cultural benefits and the opportunity to learn from the partner
  • Increase in the quality of production as there is access to specialized skills, a broader range of talent and equipment
  • Job creation for all countries involved