Film Producers and production companies from across the world are welcome to shoot their Feature Films, Reality TV shows and commercial TV series in India - a country with locations of untold beauty.

Film Facilitation Office (FFO) set up by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, acts as a facilitation point for the foreign producers and production companies along with their Indian Producer/Line Producer in assisting them to get requisite permission, disseminate information on shooting locations and the facilities available with the Indian film Industry for production/post production and works closely with State Governments in assisting them to set up similar facilities. The FFO is housed in and operated by National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), a central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Foreign filmmakers desirous of shooting their Feature Films, Reality TV shows and commercial TV series in India, may apply online at the FFO website.

I. Steps to filling in online application

  • Register – Register yourself with the FFO website to start your application process.
  • Fill Application Form - Fill out the application Form for seeking permission for film shooting in India.
  • Upload Documents – The application form will ask for the following information/documents.
    1. Detailed script in case of a Feature Films along with synopsis of the script and detailed concept in case of Reality TV shows and commercial TV series.

    2. Passport details of the crew in tabular format along with copy of the passport.

    3. Details of locations of shooting in India and the period of shooting.

    4. A list of equipment to be temporarily imported for filming in India.

    5. No Objection Letter - In case any living personality is portrayed in the film as a Character, we suggest that you share the script with that personality or his/her legal heirs, before applying for permission, and obtain a 'No Objection Letter'. This letter will expedite the clearance of your application, and also guard against the possibility of any defamation or legal suits.

    6. Co-Production - If you propose to shoot your film as a co-production, a copy of the agreement between the foreign producer/production company and the Indian producer/production company indicating the role of each party, financial commitments, responsibilities and liabilities, in accordance with the respective co-production agreement must be uploaded.

  • Pay Fees – An application along with processing fee of INR equivalent to USD 225 is required to be made online, to enable submission of your application. Please note that application-processing fee is non-refundable, and will not be returned under any circumstance. Kindly ensure that your production is a Feature Film, Reality TV show or commercial TV series. FFO does not accept application for Documentary films, AV commercials and music videos.
  • Undertaking – At the time of receiving permission for shooting in India from the FFO, you have to submit an undertaking to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting as per the format available online, on the letterhead of the company who has applied for the filming permission. (Please note that the Undertaking format is just a sample copy and the points may need to be modified in accordance with the permission letter as issued by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.)

II.Applying For Visa- What the Indian mission in your country will do for you?

  • Do submit the detailed particulars of all the members of the shooting team, along with the Permission.
  • Letter to the Indian Mission in the country from which they would be departing for India at the time, indicating your intention to shoot in India. Indian Missions/Posts abroad will grant Film Visa ‘(F) Visa’ to such applicants who are coming to shoot Feature Films, Reality TV shows and commercial TV series in India provided that Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has approved the proposal.

III. Important points to remember

  • On submission of all requisite documents, your permission to shoot will normally not take more than three weeks to process. In cases where consultation from Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs is required, you would need to allow more time to process your application. The permission letter issued by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India will facilitate your permission from other local authorities, which may, in some cases, need to be obtained directly from these authorities.
  • As part of the application processing, your script will be evaluated by an expert from a panel constituted by the Ministry. If considered necessary, a liaison officer may be attached to a film shooting team. Where a liaison officer is so attached to the shooting team, the Government of India will bear his expenses. In exceptional cases you may need to show the complete film to a representative of the Government of India, in India or in an Indian Mission abroad, before its release anywhere in the world with a view to ensure that the film has been shot in accordance with the evaluated script and that the film has nothing objectionable from the point of view of presentation of a correct and balanced perspective on the topic covered.
  • During the shooting of the film, if it is felt that any material changes or deviation from the approved script is necessary; permission must be taken from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting through FFO before shooting these scenes.
  • Subsequent to the completion of the shoot in India, the FFO will seek and collect feedback from the applicants with regards to their experience of filming in India, including a request for information pertaining to shooting related data.
  • The production must agree to have a ‘Filmed in India’ credit and the Film Facilitation Office logo in the final production rolling credits of the project. The official FFO logo can be acquired from the Film Facilitation Office, New Delhi.

Film Facilitation Office
National Film Development Corporation
4th Floor, Soochana Bhavan
Phase -1, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003

+ 91 11 - 2436 7338

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